ed-brochure-2015-coverAbraham Lincoln’s country home offers students of all ages a remarkable window into Lincoln’s life as father, husband, and Commander-in-Chief. Our unique, multimedia guided tour and hands-on humanities-based exercises bring to life Abraham Lincoln’s personality, wartime decision making, political maneuvers, emancipation policy, and relationships with family, friends, and colleagues. A visit to President Lincoln’s Cottage inspires young minds to consider the example of Lincoln’s leadership and character and his impact on students’ lives today.

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We look forward to welcoming your group to the Cottage. When planning your student or teacher group visit, please keep the following in mind:

-3 weeks advanced reservations required.
-Download the guidelines and application form here.
-Send the complete form as an email attachment to or send via fax to 202-829-0437.
-Submitting the application does not mean you have a confirmed tour.
-Upon receipt of the application, you will be contacted within 48 hours to either confirm or reschedule your tour. Confirmation emails are sent between 9am-5pm on weekdays only.


Cost for education programs at President Lincoln’s Cottage is $7 per student. A nonrefundable $50 deposit is required to secure your reservation and final payment is due one week in advance of your visit. The Cottage welcomes District of Columbia Public Schools and Public Charter Schools to participate in its programs at no cost. To inquire about transportation scholarships, please contact the Education Department at

On-Site Program Descriptions

Lincoln’s Hat (Grades K-3)


Click HERE for pre- and post-visit activities.

As a young man, Abraham Lincoln began forming his ideas on issues such as justice and freedom. As he grew, so too did his ideas. While living at his Cottage, President Lincoln thought through his ideas on the Civil War and emancipation, and turned these ideas into action. In Lincoln’s Hat, Lincoln’s unique note-taking practice serves as a model to students as they develop their own creative ideas and problem solving skills on everyday decisions and complex issues. Students will discover President Lincoln’s unique habit of storing his ideas inside his signature stovepipe hat, and a hands-on activity provides students with a special place to keep their own ideas.

This program lasts a minimum of 1.5 hours.

I See the President (Grades 4-5)

School1Click HERE for pre- and post- visit activities.

During the Civil War, President Lincoln commuted daily through the heart of Civil War Washington to the White House. Along the way, Lincoln encountered front line soldiers, escaped slaves living in contraband camps, wounded soldiers, and Washington residents, such as Walt Whitman. These every day people influenced Lincoln and his ideas on the Civil War and emancipation and taught him lessons that are still important to today’s students. Lincoln’s desire to exchange ideas with those around him in order to better understand important issues serves as a model to young minds as they learn to respect each others’ ideas. In I See the President, students take on the role of the people President Lincoln interacted with on his daily commute and analyze their first-hand accounts to write a fable that teaches their classmates an important lesson. 
This program lasts a minimum of 2 hours.

Lincoln’s Toughest Decisions (Grades 6-12, College, and Adult Groups)


Click HERE for pre- and post-visit activities.

Abraham Lincoln solved the difficult problems of his time by consulting the ideas of those around him, thus informing his own thought process. This approach serves as a model for students to develop their own decision-making skills as they strive to understand the power of their ideas in modern society. In Lincoln’s Toughest Decisions: Debating Emancipation — an award-winning program that puts students in the role of President Lincoln’s closest advisors— students use touch screen monitors to explore historical documents and recreate the heated discussions that President Lincoln had with his Cabinet over emancipation.

This program lasts a minimum of 1.5 hours.

Distance Learning Programs

President Lincoln’s Cottage offers distance learning programs that can be used in the classroom or computer lab for grades 6-12. Learn more about President Lincoln’s Cottage’s distance learning programs here.

Lesson Plans

Debating Liberty Lesson Plan (grades 7-12) – download HERE.
EP Now Lesson Plan (grades 7-12) – download HERE.
Idea Portrait Lesson Plan (grades 3 & 4) – download HERE.

Educator Workshops

President Lincoln’s Cottage offers on campus workshops for educators and frequently collaborates with other historic sites and museums to offer additional workshop and training opportunities. Learn more about our programs for educators here.

President Lincoln’s Cottage thanks the Pulvermann Charitable Trust for generously supporting our education programs.


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