The Favorite for the Whole Family

These visitors praised their recent trips to President Lincoln’s Cottage and specifically noted how enjoyable it was for their entire family. Planning to tour President Lincoln’s Cottage? Bring the kids!

IMG_2905My family and I visited the cottage last week, and we truly enjoyed it. Our tour guide was fantastic. This place is a gem, and it should be preserved. We have young kids, and it was a wonderful experience for them.
-via email to, March 28

This was the favorite for my whole family including our 10 year old son! I highly suggest adding this to your DC vacation schedule! Our tour guide was fantastic! She was very enthusiastic about the history of the home and Lincoln! MUST SEE!! Will definitely return!
-via Groupon, March 26

Our guide was absolutely fantastic! He brought Lincoln to life by sharing stories throughout the house. The style of the tour was not what we had expected, but as my son described, it was “so cool”. He had a lot of passion and it showed. We learned so much!
-via TripAdvisor, February 24

The tour was great. The tour guide and the gentleman that worked in the giftshop were incredibly knowledgeable and generous with their time. We went during a slow period-11am on a weekday. Two adults and three children (8, 8, and 5) The tour guide kept the kids engaged by asking thought provoking questions which linked the cottage, events happening at the time of Lincoln’s presidency, and life in general at that time. He also told us many interesting facts about Lincoln’s life. It was a memorable history lesson for us all. Make sure you hit the gift shop when you go. Lots of great things. We will return.
-via LivingSocial, December 5

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Highly Recommended

“I highly recommend a visit to Lincoln’s Cottage. I learned a lot about Lincoln’s life, philosophies, and presidency. The setting of the cottage–on the grounds of the Soldiers’ and Airmen’s Home–is quite beautiful, and is in an area of the city I didn’t know much about. Excellent activity. Highly recommend it, especially for out-of-towners, for whom I am always trying to think up something interesting and different to do. The tour guides are extremely knowledgeable and friendly and always ready to answer questions. In addition to the tour, there are some excellent exhibits about Lincoln that I recommend viewing after the tour so you can spend as much time with them as you like. ”

-Susan Weiner, Cottage visitor

“Give Freely”

A message from supporter F. James Tennies:

“The Cottage is a place of stunning historical authenticity and its themes are timeless and essential… Here we find a transcendence that speaks to us across the ages. In this house, Lincoln met destiny. These walls do speak, and what a story they have to tell. So give freely to the Cottage to preserve Lincoln’s Sanctuary, his place of rest and one of his sources of inspiration and happiness. Your contributions allow the Cottage to tell this amazing story so that, from generation to generation, the story of Lincoln, of freedom, and of national survival can be told from this hilltop to every hilltop in America.”

Your financial contribution will greatly support our ability to share the stories of Lincoln and freedom for generations. Give today.

Trip Advisor

A number of our visitors hear about President Lincoln’s Cottage through TripAdvisor, a travel site with user-generated reviews. We recently received the following comment from a visitor:

I went with my husband and two teenagers. The guide was able to intrigue both teens about Lincoln’s plight to keep the country together, appease the south,and still keep with his own values. The conversation he began was invaluable to my family. It truly opened their eyes.”

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President Lincoln’s Cottage recently received some rave reviews from visitors who heard about us through Groupon. Read what they had to say (below).

What a treasure for DC! We’ve been to other Lincoln historic sites (Lexington, KY; Manchester Center, VT etc) and didn’t know about this one right here. Beautiful grounds, gorgeous buildings and we learned a lot about Lincoln’s Presidential years! -April 20, 2013

Curtis, our tour guide, did an outstanding job guiding us through President Lincoln’s cottage. We liked being in a small group! Curtis was able to answer all our questions and to engage our imaginations with why President Lincoln’s cottage was so important to President Lincoln and his family. We definitely will bring our out of town guests and we will also encourage our DC neighbors to visit this historic home. -April 19, 2013

We enjoyed our visit to President Lincoln’s Cottage. As we toured the cottage, we were able to imagine Lincoln himself walking, talking and sleeping in these very rooms. Our guide was enthusiastic and really touched on Lincoln’s humanity, so we learned so much about this man…not just the things most of us already have studied. The museum was also interesting, and we were lucky to be able to see a signed copy of the Emancipation Proclamation which will be there until the end of April. -April 16, 2013

A hidden gem! This was such an interesting tour – I was fascinated by how much of the original house still remained and how the renovations were done, and how the family lived, and all the details about how people could just knock on his door to talk with him. I learned a lot about how he was conflicted about the war, and so many other facts. The tour made him and his family and that time during the war more real for me. -April 15, 2013

I had an EXCELLENT tour guide (Michelle) who clearly loved talking about the house, the history, and the life of Lincoln. I especially loved how the house continues to educate on modern day slavery through its exhibit on human trafficking. The organization clearly lives its mission. I’ve recommended the tour to several people already. -April 13, 2013

It was a lovely event. Cottage is special and the tour was great as it involved us – the visitors. The staff on tour and upon signing in were VERY friendly and for sure seemed to enjoy their job and wanted to make all feel their feelings of this special place. Our family LOVED being there and sincerely hope to come back soon. Thank you one and all. -March 11, 2013

TREMENDOUS!!! -March 10, 2013

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“A very personal line to the president himself”

A visitor recently sent us the following message:

“This was a wonderful tour – the kind of experience that all history tours should be.  The seamless fusion of multimedia elements into the tour utilized the best of these technologies without it being “high tech” and never interfered with the sense of history one felt on the tour.  Also, the way in which the tours are structured–making one feel a part of a visit to the Lincoln home–works so well!  You really feel a part of the house, not an outside visitor from a distant time.  The crowning part of this experience was to see how folks each touched the handrail to the second floor–the same one Lincoln used–making that rail of wood into a very personal line to the president himself.”

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A Teacher’s Reflection

“One of the toughest things that we can do as people is step back, take a look at ourselves and evaluate not only what we do, but who we are as people. While this exercise can be very difficult for us, it is this reflection that can help us move forward by looking back and become a better husband/wife, teacher, friend or brother by reflecting on the times when we haven’t been at our best.”

Frank McCaughey, a history teacher in Queens, NY, participated in the Civil War Washington Teacher Fellows Program last week in Washington, DC along with 24 other teachers. The program included trips to the Frederick Douglas House, Ford’s Theatre, Tudor Place, and President Lincoln’s Cottage. On Wednesday, the group spent the day at the Cottage and Mr. McCaughey shared his experience on his blog. Read about how the day had him “thinking about thinking” here:

For more information about this program and all education programs at President Lincoln’s Cottage, visit the Education page.

Adding a New Dimension to Lincoln

By Erin Carlson Mast

Sometimes it seems like there is so much “Lincoln” around there cannot possibly be room for more. Lincoln touched this and that. Lincoln slept here and there. What else could there be to learn or experience? At President Lincoln’s Cottage we feel we have something new and different to offer you. We provide an opportunity for the public to discover something new about President Lincoln’s private and public life while experiencing the original place (not a recreation) where he lived and worked for over a full quarter of his presidency.

The experience does not end there. If you’re interested in learning more, our staff is always happy to recommend further reading or other historic sites you might enjoy.  The following feedback, published here with the visitor’s permission, was received this week and exemplifies the kind of experience we strive to create for all of our visitors:

My husband, my friend and I visited the Cottage the day before Thanksgiving.

Scott Ackerman was our guide and after the tour he was able to join us for a few minutes in the Gift Shop. Scott is very knowledgeable and after speaking with him we bought yet another book (3 total).

For some reason the setting at the Soldiers’ Home is conducive to ‘feeling’ Lincoln. It reminds me of when we went to Mt. Vernon to walk through George Washington’s home. I got a sense of him walking, talking and seeing. It is a wonderful setting for the stories that were told to us about him. I also loved the fact that the only time they add furniture is when they know it is authentic replicas.

We visited the impressive Lincoln Museum in Springfield, Illinois and Ford’s Theatre, but this definitely added a dimension to our knowledge of Lincoln.

Thank you and please thank Scott for us.

E. and J. Roberts

We thank the Roberts family for sending their comments.  They have certainly visited a range of Lincoln sites and we’re happy to be among them.

Ms. Mast is the Curator of President Lincoln’s Cottage.