Washington Post: A Last Tour at Lincoln’s Cottage

On a recent tour of President Lincoln’s Cottage, historical interpreter Curtis Harris announced it would be his last. He pointed out that the date, Jan. 31, marked the 150-year anniversary of the passage of the 13th Amendment to abolish slavery.

“There were 56 congressmen who voted against it,” he noted wryly, “and they were all from the North.”

At the cottage, interpreters are encouraged to conduct tours as a conversation about ideas and to use primary resources to “find their own Lincoln.”

I was on Harris’s last tour as a visitor. Later, I asked him to tell me what it meant to him to lead tours of the cottage.”

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Pictured: Curtis Harris using the interactive tablet technology to display an image of Gordon, an enslaved man who escaped from his master and fought in the Union Army.

Mapquest Discover: Touring Lincoln’s D.C.

Mapquest-LincolnsDC“Using an award-winning app to combine audio recordings of Lincoln’s comments with period illustrations and photographs flashed on computer screens, the guides emphasize the history that happened in the house. Lincoln wrote much of the Emancipation Proclamation at the cottage and from its windows he watched soldiers’ burials (each week 30 plus were interred at the site’s cemetery). When you walk up the stairs, you are encouraged to run your hand along the same banister that Lincoln did. On the lawn outside, stand next to the life-sized statue of Lincoln and in the visitor center, peruse exhibits about Lincoln, slavery, and the Civil War.”

Read the full article: http://www.mapquest.com/travel/articles/president-lincoln-washington-dc-tour-presidents-weekend-21140680.

Let’s Talk Live: President Lincoln’s Cottage and the Grateful American Foundation

Erin Carlson Mast, Executive Director of President Lincoln’s Cottage, appeared on News Channel 8′s “Let’s Talk Live” with The Grateful American Foundation‘s David Bruce Smith! With a dynamic website full of interactive interviews, public program announcements, fascinating facts, and more, the Grateful American Foundation is dedicated to restoring enthusiasm in American history for children and adults. Check out the website to learn more: http://gratefulamericanfoundation.com/.

Voice of America: Laser Camera Helps Preserve Historical Buildings

“Restoring a historic building to its original shape usually starts with taking detailed measurements of all of its elements – doors, windows, stairs, chimneys – so they can be taken apart, repaired or replaced with their exact replicas.  But exact measurements that used to take months can now be done in a few days, thanks to the advanced technology of laser cameras.

An experimental project is being conducted at a historic location on a hill overlooking Washington, D.C. The beautiful cottage built around 1842 in the Gothic Revival style was used as a summer retreat by President Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War.”


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Washington Post: 3-D imaging is preserving every bit — and byte — of history

An academic team is making a 3D scan of Abraham Lincoln's cottage at the old soldiers home, in Washington, DC.“Scholars have worked for years to bring the life of Abraham Lincoln into sharper resolution. Michael Rogers thinks he can get it within five millimeters.

The professor of physics and astronomy at Ithaca College is spending a week measuring every bit — and byte — of Lincoln’s summer cottage in Northwest Washington with a 3-D laser scanner. When he and his team of two undergraduates are done, the place where Lincoln sweated out three D.C. summers and penned the Emancipation Proclamation will take on a virtual new life.”

Read the full article at WashingtonPost.com. Photo by Bill O’Leary for the Washington Post.

DCist: Lincoln’s Cottage Gets Digitally Scanned Into The 21st Century

dcist-01.2015“On the second floor of President Lincoln’s Cottage, next to a replica of the desk where Abraham Lincoln drafted the Emancipation Proclamation, a $95,000 laser contraption sits on a tall yellow tripod… Over the next several days, [a research team led by Dr. Michael Rogers from] Ithaca College plans to scan Lincoln’s cottage—the historic landmark in Petworth, where the Great Emancipator summered during his presidency”

Read full article on DCist.com. Photo by Andrew Lapin for DCist.

Green Builder: Preservation

Green Builder Media asks, “[h]ow do you preserve a green yet historic place?”


The Robert H. Smith Visitor Education Center for Lincoln’s Cottage in Washington, D.C., offers visitors a “Self-Guided Eco-Tour” to show how the National Trust for Historic Preservation spearheaded efforts to bring an early nineteenth-century building into the 21st century.